What’s Next…?

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A common phrase that is spoken often, in many facets of life, is “what’s next?” It seemingly is a simple, non-thought provoking question, that we often write off with a “who knows” or “we will see” and move back to completing the task at hand. As someone who believes in shattering the norms of society (as my fellow colleagues snicker while reading), it is an imperative question people should be answering about their own lives and environments.

Being a Technical Recruiter, postulating about what is next in the technology sector seems to be a logical area to contemplate (maybe my boss says so). We continuously scroll on our now larger smart phones through articles about technology, and more often than not, our eyes are caught to the “hot topics”. Some of those article titles include AI and robotics – both deemed to be part of the next big revolution.  As the hit TV show WestWorld showcased eloquent robots, seemingly more human than who we are, allows us to see into the future of what could be in bringing together technology and human nature.  Article after article, denoting that cognitive functioning of learning and display of emotions, is becoming fine-tuned each day, a feat that seemed implausible less than a few decades ago, is here.  Maybe that is what is next for technology? Seems to be a lot more important than adding two inches to a smartphone.

Maybe we have some insight about the triumphs of technology; what about what is next for me? We can all sympathize with college seniors who are grappling with this question more often than not. A crucial time in life, when the demand was forced into our lives. What about now…? Now we can avoid the question, especially if we find it daunting. We are not obligated to envision the next step.  Whether that is a building a business, going back to school, or obtaining a new job. The pressure is not always on. Especially when it comes to finding the next Uber. Someone did.

Now that you are convinced to ask yourself each day “what is next…?”, let’s add some fuel to your slowly emerging fire. The human population, being the most fickle commodity, has a constant that baffles psychologists and researchers daily. Inability to be complacent.  As a person, a community, a company (RightClick especially), we progress.  We progress to arrive at solutions – which in turn create problems – where we find new solutions.  We have broken barriers that were not even understood as obstacles an era ago, and we are still seven million strong.  As someone who has an unwavering belief in the human race, I think we as a whole are always looking to see what is next; all I can say is that maybe you have the answer now.

Writer: Allisa Ciccia, Chief of Staff