RightClick Professional Services is committed to providing superior IT services and support to ensure your business operates at full capacity. Technology interruptions and downtime translate to loss of revenue and productivity. We aim to prevent disruptions caused by technology to keep your business running smoothly. We know how vital technology is to your day-to-day operations. Our team provides hardware monitoring, operating system patching, advanced threat analytics, backup solutions, and proactive maintenance so that you can sleep at night.


Why we started. Like you, we are a small business. And like you, between driving revenue, servicing clients, hiring good employees, and managing the bottom line, it did not leave a lot of time for handling our technology needs. So, probably like you, we outsourced it to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). In fact, we outsourced it to four different MSPs since we started the business back in 2010.

MSPs are a great option for small business owners, but the typical MSP is REACTIVE to the overall health and security of your technical environment. The model of contacting a help desk to get someone from your MSP’s support team to address a technical issue works fine for small problems, but always left me wondering and worrying whether my environment was stable, secure, and taking advantage of the latest technology.

That is why we started RightClick Professional Solutions (RPS). RPS provides managed solutions for small business owners by combining expert technical staff with a PROACTIVE approach to addressing the increased technology demands on your organization.


IT looks different now. RightClick’s Managed IT Solutions are tailored to SMBs that are enduring these changes. Our managed IT solution is broken out into 8 individual components to allow you to customize your solution for your business needs. Managed Core Devices is the only component that is required. Components can be added / removed as needed.

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    Managed Core Devices

    24x7 performance monitoring
    Workstation and server management
    Configuration management
    Proactive maintenance
    Patch management
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    Advanced Threat Analytics

    Risk Analytics and Hardening
    Antivirus deployment & monitoring
    Web security & content filtering
    24x7 threat monitoring
    Vulnerability scanning and reporting
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    Managed Backups

    Deployment, configuration, and monitoring of device backups
    Update management
    Scheduled backup jobs
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    End User Device Support

    Unlimited remote support for all servers and workstations
    Operating system and application-level support

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    Managed Identity

    M365 / Azure Active Directory
    Google Business
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    Managed Procurement

    Hardware procurement: Desktop/Laptop/Monitor/etc.
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    Managed Azure

    24x7 monitoring and support of Azure: account management, core cloud platform, cost management, identity and access, patching, networking, security, data protection, backup service, and disaster recovery.
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    Managed AWS (Coming Soon)

    24x7 monitoring and support of AWS: account management, core cloud platform, cost management, identity and access, patching, networking, security, data protection, backup service, and disaster recovery.


Coming soon!

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