Leadership Spotlight – Michelle Fogle

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Michelle Fogle joined the RightClick fam four years ago. She started as a recruiter and has grown to a VP position within the firm. Michelle brings a constant positive energy to the office, and has shown many traits to be a leader and assist upper management with making the right decisions for the company to be successful. We wanted to dive into Michelle’s background and thoughts in regards to beginning her journey at RightClick, and what advice she has for others if they are interested in joining our team. Take a look!

Where did you attend college and what did you study?

“I attended Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, New York. I majored in English and minored in Psychology.

What majors would you recommend for future recruiters to study?

For college students who want to pursue a career in recruiting, I would highly recommend taking Psychology classes. It is very helpful in understanding people and what their specific needs and motivations are while searching for a new role.”

“Other majors I would suggest would be a Business and Communications. The most important parts of recruiting are understanding the needs of your clients and being able to talk to a variety of different individuals to build relationships.”

When did you start working at RightClick? Have you always known you wanted to be a recruiter?

“I started working at here back in 2014. Wow, four years already! I worked in College Admissions prior to RightClick, which is similar to recruiting but it is applied differently… I am very happy I explored Technology Recruiting and the opportunity here with RightClick.”

What goals have you set for yourself?

“To build my team and become a better leader. It’s been a very successful last 18 months for me, but now I am working on mentoring and leading younger team members. I really enjoy that aspect of the job, but I realize that I have so much to learn.”

What is your proudest leadership moment?

“Working with Jen Rescigno. She has really thrived since I’ve taken her under my wing. Seeing the person and the professional that she has become, and being part of her success, is a very rewarding feeling. Go Jen!

 What is the most challenging aspect of recruiting?

“Resilience. In this role you have to maintain a mindset of perseverance. So much is out of your control, and things may not always work out in your favor… so being able to balance everything and maintain a positive attitude is crucial when it comes to recruiting. When in doubt, breathe deeply and smile! smile! smile!”

How would you describe the atmosphere of the office?

 “RightClick has become a second home for me–my colleagues are some of my best friends. We all share common goals, both individual as well as for the company, so even though we’re all different and unique in our own ways, we still treat each other with respect and support one another.”

Do you have to be a “techie” in order to work at RightClick?

“No, you learn a lot as you go along. Before working at RightClick, I didn’t know much about technology. Our training program is great and you learn the basics to ensure you feel comfortable speaking to technologists. Just like any new job, you have to do it for a little while before you feel confident and it all clicks, but I was surprised with how quickly I learned technology!”

Describe one fun fact.

“I am always up for doing something spontaneous. Ask me to do something that calls for a new adventure, I am in!”

“One time I went skydiving in Upstate, New York with a few friends and it was the best experience. You’re paired with somebody and they take pictures while you’re free falling. It doesn’t feel like you’re falling, it feels like you’re gliding. The scariest part of skydiving is when the parachute goes up because that’s when you start thinking… umm this thing could pop! Lucky for me, it did not!”