It Just Clicked…

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“Taylor, we need you to write a blog” Write a blog?  Oh man, what do I write? Where do I begin?  Talk about writers block!  I guess the best way to approach this is elaborating on the idea of why RightClick wants to start a blog. We pride ourselves on being different to other recruiting agencies and we wanted to translate that difference to our followers. We are a genuine, intelligent group of people that know the importance of simple values like respect, integrity, honesty and a strong work ethic.  Our success has been based on the relationships we have cultivated with our clients, candidates, vendors, partners — but especially, the manner in which we value our employees.  Richard Branson wrote a quote where he said, “Clients do not come firstEmployees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”  I truly believe our management team does a great job with this!

We are a very diverse group of people.  We are upbeat, outgoing, professional and motivated … our senior management expects us to have a “voice” and share our thoughts.  Regardless of our different points of view (if you were a fly on the wall during our meetings, you would watch us instead of the Giants playing the Patriots any day of the week!)  Seriously, we are a professional, and a successful firm. The staffing industry is very competitive, and our target is to be one of the top agencies in the tristate area.  We build each other up and know we are stronger working together then working apart.  Failure is not an option.

You could say we are a family here — “the Clickers.”  Allow me to share my RightClick story. While I was working for another company, I received a LinkedIn message asking if I would be interested to work at a great, start-up staffing firm.  I went to the in-person interview, and *right* away it *clicked* (no pun intended).  I knew this was where I wanted to be.  Not to get too spiritual, there was a vibe, a synergy that felt so *right* (I am not kidding).  At the time, there were only eight employees on-board, and I was fortunate to meet all of them.  Each conversation just got better and better; everyone was so transparent and conversational.  I could tell they had a great plan in store for the company, and to be honest — I wanted to be part of it.  I accepted the role of an Admin, doing office management tasks, which enabled me to learn more about the company and the staffing industry.  I was eventually promoted to be an Internal Recruiter, allowing me to represent the company at Career Fairs and recruiting for internal candidates via social media and collaboration. It is amazing!

I have been with RightClick for almost four years.  As a start-up, I knew the owners were taking a big risk in opening an IT staffing company in Stamford, CT (of all places) — surrounded by Fortune 500 companies.  But, as Babe Ruth said — “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”, which is the mentality here. As the company grew and became strong, confident and successful — so did I.  Like RightClick, I am on the right path; I know where I am going — and, I am very happy.  The “giving” goes both ways:  I give my best to this company, and they give their best to me.  I am very fortunate and grateful.  So, I was chosen to be the “beta” and start our Social Media blog. How did I do?  I *Clicked* it, Right?

 Writer: Taylor Tomack, Director of Talent Acquisition