Congrats on Your Partnership Karin Prah!

  |   Spotlight

RightClick is pleased to announce the promotion of Karin Prah to PARTNER. The most important hire in RightClick’s history, Karin plays a critical role managing the Permanent division for our Stamford office. She brings a tremendous amount of professionalism to the job and her experience has been one of the driving factors in our growth and success.

In addition to her individual billings and productivity, Karin is the consummate team player. She excels as a motivator, communicator and teacher, and has been instrumental in the training and development of several team members.

Maybe most importantly though, there is no one who is more dedicated to the firm or works harder than Karin (sometimes we pull the fire alarm just to get her to leave the office at a decent time of the night). We are very fortunate to have such an incredible partner in Karin, and we can’t thank her enough for everything she does for RightClick! Congratulations on your promotion!