Candidate Testimonial: Christopher McIntosh, Front-End Developer

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“After graduating from my programming boot camp, finding a job proved to be more difficult than I thought. I submitted numerous applications and resumes with very little results. I was beginning to lose my confidence until Mathew Barbour, a recruiter from RightClick reached out to me through LinkedIn. Of course, I was skeptical! I told myself that this would be just another useless lead. However, upon meeting Matthew, I knew that my luck was about to change. Matthew was very professional and considerate. He showed me how much RightClick cared about their clients and also helping to find me a job.

Within the span of one week, Matthew had two job interviews lined up for me. After each interview, Matthew followed up with me and gave me feedback and advice. Within two weeks, I received and accepted an offer of employment from a reputable company. This company has given me an excellent salary, great benefits and a lot of other perks. I am very thankful for what RightClick and Matthew did for me. I highly recommend other job seekers to check out RightClick and to see how they can change your luck and your life.”

-Christopher McIntosh