Both Sides of the Resume

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For the past four years I’ve represented RightClick in a number of Career fairs across the tristate area to find our next “Clickers”. Each year I am more impressed with the students who I speak with at these events.  Not only are they prepared with their resumes — they are confident and very ambitious while approaching the next chapter of their life… a new job!  I began to remember how nerve-wracking this process was.  All of our lives, up until this point, the process of getting an education and being guided through school was planned for us, and at least for me, a college education was expected.  However, once you walk across the stage, and receive your diploma it’s almost like time stops –now what?!  You are destined to be great and have so many opportunities at your fingertips.  It is such a surreal feeling that you are now responsible for making the right decision and not always knowing what career path you want to explore.  As an employer it is overwhelming being in a gym/cafeteria competing with so many other companies to have conversations with students and pitch RightClick.  To me, it is so natural because I genuinely found happiness and love my job/company, but for a student they are pitching themselves and trying to stand out from the rest of their peers as to why they should be the one we call back and bring in for an interview.

I felt I could use my own experiences to help soon to be graduates really prepare themselves when attending Career Fairs, and give you helpful hints on how to sell yourself and make a great first impression.

First, print as many resumes as you can, you can never be too prepared. I advise every student that comes to us, to stop at every single table – it is so important to get an idea of what companies are in our surrounding area and what kind of jobs they are hiring for.  Second, ask questions.  For us, it is so normal for students to approach us and have no clue what recruiting is, that’s ok, we don’t expect you to know.  Let’s be honest… sales/recruiting is not a major!  It’s not frowned upon to ask questions, in fact it’s encouraged!  Ask questions about who they are, what they do, and the type of internal hire they are looking for to join their team.  If anything, you are more appreciated because it sparks an interest and shows you are doing your “homework”.  Third, take notes… most universities provide a map of the fair and/or description of the company to help navigate you through the chaos.  When a certain company stands out to you, highlight them so when you get home you can do more research and follow-up with an email to the representative(s) you met and express your interest. Last, I give you all so much credit for attending Career Fairs, it amazes me when I see Freshman and Sophomores exploring opportunities.  For all of you Seniors, I know you want to enjoy the last hoo-rah of college, but getting a head start and going through the interview process early is so much better in the long-run.  How awesome would it be to have a job before you graduate and really not have to worry?

I understand it is so intimidating (not to mention exhausting) walking from table to table and having the same conversation. Just think to yourself everyone in the room is trying to obtain the same goal.  We want to hire you, and you want to be hired.  You are evaluating us, as much as we are evaluating you.  We are on the same playing field – so don’t stress, just be yourself!  Good luck to the graduating class of 2017, you got this!

Writer: Taylor Tomack, Director of Talent Acquisition